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Character Name: Shin Tensou

Source: Original Character [Damocles]

History/Pull Point:

Son of a Japanese immigrant and a 2nd generation Japanese immigrant living in California, Shin and his twin sister, Kosei, grew up bilingual and in a home that was one foot in Japan and one foot in America in a world where the supernatural was starting to become more and more present.

His father was a dream walker, someone who could travel in his sleep to see other dreams, and had the ability to sometimes see the future in his walking. Shin’s mother had the gift of empathy and foresight and was also able to glimpse the future. The trouble with future sight is that being able to see what’s coming does not always allow for those who are aware to avoid it. When Shin was six, a family outing ended in tragedy as the car was struck, leading in the death of both Shin’s parents and sister. While his parents had both foreseen the accident, they had been unable to predict how or when it would happen, so instead of attempting to avoid it, they instead had prepared for the worst and prepared for their own death and done what they could to avoid the death of their children, which enabled Shin to survive, even if it had not been enough to save his sister as well. He was placed in the care of his mother’s sister and her husband, both whom had been prepared for the possibility.

Unfortunately, Shin did not escape unscathed from the accident. Injuries from the crash, including a small fracture in his back, grounded the formerly active child. After much physical therapy, he was able to walk again, but only with great care and very slowly. He also lost his ability to dream walk, and even to dream at all, and was plagued with chronic fatigue, further limiting his mobility. His aunt and uncle did everything in their power to support him, taking him to specialists and therapists to try and help what they assumed was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and trying to give him as much of a normal life as they could.

After graduating high school, Shin (and his best friend and unofficial caretaker, Gijs) went to a therapeutic school that specialized in young people with supernatural powers. As part of his program, he began taking care of a small girl with telekinetic powers, Kim, who had similarly lost her parents.

It was during his 2nd year at the school when he broke through the barrier that had been placed around his dreaming when his father died and as result was suddenly catapulted into a hidden world of powers and politics, governed by the Alliance.

The Alliance had started as a protective agreement between groups of supernatural beings and humans with supernatural powers. In order to survive in a rapidly changing world where hiding in the shadows was becoming harder and harder, a pact was formed to protect those who were different from being exposed. However, with the rise in power of Omadon to the head of the organization, the nature of the Alliance changed from one of mutual protection to one of power grabbing and exploration where those of lower powers were enslaved to power up others.

Dream walkers were easy targets for those in the Alliance who wanted to feed off of the powers of others. A passive power, those who could walk between dreams were the more defenseless of the powered humans, leading to those who could walk going into hiding from the Alliance. With Shin’s father no longer able to guide him, he would have become easy prey if not for the interference of Kajiro, the lord of all Shadows. Having watched over various lines of powered humans for centuries, Kajiro was a researcher who wanted nothing to do with the politics that got in the way of his research and often would take small steps to shelter those he wished to observe. The seal on Shin’s dreaming ability had been meant as a temporary measure until the time when it would be safer for Shin to be able to develop his powers properly. Unfortunately, the political climate within the Alliance had only gotten worse as the years progressed, leaving the only way for Shin to have any semblance of a life to be leaving the barrier in place. Once the barrier was shattered, there was no choice but to take more direct measures to ensure his safety and Shin was brought to Kajiro’s castle by Aralu, who attempted to train Shin in how to use his powers properly.

In many ways, Shin’s breaking through the barrier, entering the Dreaming and his subsequent removal from his normal life was the spark that set of the civil war that had been brewing in the Alliance. Kim going to look for Shin brought Aralu to Hawk, who had been caring for a child he had found in the woods, Faolan, who turned out to be a test subject of the Alliance scientists, revealing that the scientists had been looking into ways to control the ability of werewolves to transform. In trade for that information, Aralu tipped off Hawk where the scientists who had harmed Faolan were, resulting in Hawk destroying the lab which was seen as the first act of rebellion in the war.

Meanwhile, Shin began exploring the collective unconscious of the Dreaming, finding other dream walkers who were in hiding who had been trying to rescue those captured by the Alliance. It was swiftly discovered that Shin’s dreaming ability, even just emerging as it was, was already far stronger than those of the dreamers in hiding and Shin very quickly began to help the rescue operations, reaching out to the captive dreamers who had been unreachable before to find out where they were in the waking world. The extensive use of his dreaming resulted in Shin’s ability growing far faster than expected and rumor quickly began to spread that for the first time in many decades, a new Dream King had been born.

The king of the dreaming is a dreamer whose power is the strongest, so strong that he no longer can be contained in his physical body and becomes an astral being who lives in the Dreaming. Normally, this happens to someone who has already lived a normal life, but due to how Shin’s ability was sealed, it grew far too fast and very swiftly, Shin began to find it harder and harder to return to the waking world until he finally ascended fully into the Dreaming.

Shin is a bit of an emo kid, but for good reason. There are some days where he just can’t get out of bed in the morning -- literally-- which does a number on a teenaged boy’s self esteem. Being partially crippled has impacted a lot of Shin’s life and personality, leading him to quieter, more sedentary pursuits and led him to feel as if he will always be dependent on someone for the rest of his life, as much as he doesn’t want to have to be such a burden. Thankfully, having Gijs around helped tremendously in helping to kick him out of a lot of his funks, but there were still plenty of days where he’d just sit around feeling sorry for himself until his friend hijacked his wheelchair and dragged him out on an outing. Unfortunately, he also picked up some stubbornness from Gijs, which sometimes adds to the problem...

Shin is quiet and reserved, thoughtful and studious. He wants to be helpful and will often volunteer for anything he thinks he can do without stressing his back, even if it’s something like peeling potatoes for his aunt or the cook at the school. He’s incredibly patient with others and quietly grateful for everyone who’s ever patient with him, since he easily gets frustrated at himself. He will see his failures and never his strengths and always suspects that even when people are being patient with him, that they’re annoyed at him. (With a few exceptions.)

Shin has a major problem of not knowing limits which, when added to his stubbornness can often result in him doing himself a bit of damage. When he first began reaching out to the dreamers currently trapped in the Alliance, it wasn’t until a new friend he had made in the dreaming threw himself at him in desperation that he realized that he needed to stop. Often he needs Gijs to verbally bitch slap him back to reality if reality doesn’t bitch slap him first.

Most of Shin’s hobbies revolve around the arts. He enjoys reading poetry and nonfiction, and writes his own (bad) poetry. He also enjoys art and is better at painting than he is at poetry, often making free form watercolor dreamscapes in his art as if trying to recreate the what he only vaguely remembers from when he used to dream walk with his father. He’s also very enchanted by the concept of mono no aware - transient beauty/beauty in sadness. His aunt and uncle never tried to replace his parents in his life, keeping their memories (and the memories of Kosei, Shin’s twin) as alive as they could for Shin, something he greatly appreciated. He’s very close with his aunt and uncle and does what little he can to help them around the house, hoping one day to be independent enough to not always have to depend on them.

Abilities/Special Powers/Non average skills:
Shin is a dreamwalker, someone who can assess the Dreaming, control his own dreams and enter (and control) the dreams of others. He also can forcibly drag someone into sleep. In the Dreaming he also can see vaguely into the past, see what’s going on in the present and glimpse into possible futures.

At his pull point, he has become a mostly astral being, but for the ease of CR, he will be stuffed back in his body and just retain the ability to astrally project.

Character class: Sage

Why your character would be that class: While not quite the pulse of the universe, the Dreaming is a place that allows Shin to see what is and what was and what will be.

Powers/skills to be gained by being that class: A minor boost to his future sight which really isn’t very well developed.
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So, Shin, being a dream walker, has the ability to basically walk into anyone's dream, and force them to sleep so he can find a dream to enter. Since this is a bit pushy, post here if you have any feeling about if you want him to or to not enter your characters dreams.


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